RAM Multi Invest’s policies on environmental protection, safety and quality.


Environmental protection

Environmental protection is one of RAM Multi Invest’s concerns, and the environmental protection policy is at the heart of its strategy, based on clear commitments and objectives.

RAM Multi Invest is a good sustainable development partner, and in order to formalize all its actions in this regard, the company has applied for obtaining its certification according to ISO 14001.

The risk management system provides individual responsibilities and management training, development of own methods of risk analysis and the development of monitoring and analysis programs, being subjected to both internal and external audits.

RAM Multi Invest operates in accordance with the sustainable development policy, pursuing the implementation of the environmental procedures based on its fundamental principles.

All company employees, whose activities may have an impact on the environment, are trained, know and apply both provisions of the legislation in force regarding the environment, and the provisions of the environmental management system documents, applicable to the company’s services and activities, and are responsible for their compliance.

Quality domain policy

RAM Multi Invest’s vision is to develop medium and long-term products and services to bring it to the top of the best-recruiting companies on a national, European and international level.

RAM Multi Invest’s mission is to provide its customers with competent candidates with the necessary qualifications and experience to help them achieve their performance goals.

In this regard, RAM Multi Invest wants:
• to cultivate simple, direct, personal and personalized relationships with its clients;
• permanent improvement of the recruitment processes and forms, in order to reduce the time to identify the necessary qualified personnel as required;
• proactive organization of recruitment services, based on customer requests;
• continuous search, oriented to the customer’s needs, in order to identify the necessary qualified personnel and the necessary documentation;
• ensuring compliance with the applicable law in the field and the ability to anticipate changes and adapt to them.

RAM Multi Invest’s quality objectives are:
• the constant customer satisfaction improvement;
• the constant increase of the candidate’s compliance level with the customers’ requirements.

The company manager will provide the working environment and the necessary resources to ensure that RAM Multi Invest’s quality objectives will be achieved.

The company manager will ensure that the company policies are implemented and supported throughout the company.

Environmental, safety and health policy

The high standards related to occupational health and safety are those that give RAM Multi Invest benefits and confer its status as a good practitioner.

Due to the obvious benefits obtained by ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, the company will allocate the appropriate resources to ensure occupational health and safety. The company strongly supports this field, and a positive attitude towards it will be encouraged.

In order to operate the environmental system, the general and specific environmental objectives were established:
• training of qualified personnel in connection with the necessary safety and protection measures at the workplace;
• compliance with the provisions of the reference standard SR EN ISO 14001.

For RAM Multi Invest, the health, safety and well-being of all its employees is the most important wish and are part of the efficiency of good business practices.

In order to protect its employees and collaborators, visitors, and contracting agents, the following measures were taken:
• training the existing employees and hiring competent and trained candidates;
• establishing clear operating procedures;
• establishing action procedures in case of emergency;
• installation of fire protection systems;
• installation of security systems;
• installation of personnel protection equipment.

For the operation of the HSW system, the company decided:
• achieving a high level of performance in the field of HSW, meeting at least the legal requirements;
• providing the resources needed to implement the policy and strategy in the field;
• imposing and determining the involvement of employees in the policy implementation and in achieving the adopted HSW objectives;
• ensuring the necessary conditions to train all employees in order to fulfil their tasks and responsibilities.

Responsible attitude

Occupational health and safety assurance is based on risk identification and control, continuous progress and constant adaptation to changes being a mandatory conditions.

RAM Multi Invest carries out its activities with constant care regarding the occupational security improvement, the health and the environmental protection and ensures the application of the following principles:
• the policy in the field of occupational safety, health and environmental protection is well-defined and implemented, being an integral part of the company’s general policy;
• promote and implement the principles of responsible attitude;
• the principles are known and applied by both the management and the entire staff in all industrial and commercial activities;
• transmission of the necessary information to the customers, candidates and involved authorities;
• the criteria for evaluating qualified personnel and collaborators are well-defined so that they can be permanently verified if they operate in accordance with the company’s principles regarding responsible attitude;
• informing the personnel about the nature and characteristics of each one’s activity, and about the potential effects of the finished products. Ensure the implementation of internal procedures designed to prevent accidents or limit their consequences, and contribute to the implementation of appropriate external procedures;
• respecting professional regulations and recommendations and applying the best industrial practices.

Integrated management system
The integrated management system is the management system that brings together all the components of the company in a single, coherent system, which allows the achievement of its objectives and mission.

In order to integrate each component, it is not enough for them to be joined, but it is necessary for each one to include the others so that together they form a whole unit.

Integration involves combining all internal management practices into a single system that represents the interconnection of individual components to achieve the set goals.

RAM Multi Invest aims to develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve an integrated management system, “quality, environment, safety and health at work and social responsibility”, according to the requirements of the standards in force.

The RAM Multi Invest quality policy has the following objectives:
• providing qualified personnel according to the clients’ requirements;
• Acquiring a performance management system by ensuring the quality of the services offered, and the actions are taken to satisfy the needs of the clients;
• providing quality products and services, in accordance with the requirements of international, European and national legislation in the field of activity of RAM Multi Invest;
• training and evaluating the employees in order to qualify them according to the required standards;
• encouraging responsibility, proactivity and a positive attitude among employees;
• undertaking actions aimed at aligning national regulations with European and international regulations;
• identification of the appropriate means of work and continuous adaptation of the procedures, to meet the clients’ requirements.

RAM Multi Invest wants to develop medium-term and long-term services, products and strategies for continuous improvement, oriented towards high-performance results and meeting the needs of its customers.

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