Check out what we’ve been working on! We are ready to welcome your project into our portfolio or to help you work offshore or onshore in one of the industries with which we have connections: Oil & Gas, Marine and Green Energy.


Is success “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”? Here at RAM Multi Invest, we say it’s 1% well refined intuition and 99% technical knowledge combined with experience in working with people and companies from all around the world. We use all our strengths and high-tech tools to find qualified manpower that will help every organization that chooses us achieve its goals. 

Look through our collaborations to see if the outcomes are the kind you wish to see in your own projects!

Marine Services Workshop – Rømø, Denmark

Alborg Project – Workshop

Oil Terminal Project in Frederikshavn / Denmark

Workshop Esbjerg / Denmark

Hamburg Harbour Project – Steel fixers

Harbour key – Extension

Egina project – Portharcourt


Celebrity Cruise – Pipe fitting jobs / Dry dock Bahamas

Welding & Pipefitting – Workshop

Welding & Pipefitting – Workshop

Scarabeo 8 / Offshore Norwegian shelf

Harstad Aluminium Shipbuilding Workshop

Haugesund – Decomisioning Yard

Trondheim Workshop Prefab

Bricklaying project – Rotterdam

Bricklaying project – Harleem

Pipe fitting project – Engie workshop

Scaffolding project – Amsterdam

Welding Offshore project -Orange Nassau Energie / Offshore Netherlands Shelf

Instrumentation Fitting – Butter factory Goteborg

Vattenfall project – Nykoping


It’s about time to cross “finding the ideal workers” or “finding the perfect job” off your to-do list. Sit down, relax and let us track the right candidates or the best jobs and present them to you. If you like our approach, fill out this form and get in touch with us.