I. Introduction

The Code of conduct, ethics and professional deontology proposes to promote the values and the ethical standards of the company, defines the official standards of conduct without affecting the individuality of our employees and constitutes the frame of development for our activity with exposure in the plan of internal relations as well in the business relations.

Our activity deals with the most sensitive of the economic resources, namely the human being, an essential part, being the trust.

The trust valorisation that our partners allow to us is built exactly by describing a value program that defines us and helps us to cooperate for a sustainable development. We also consider essential the trust given by the applicants that we are working with, treating each person as an element of maximum importance and unique.

Issued on the background of the necessity of professionalism and promptness, on a market in full process of maturation, the company simultaneously developed on three major directions:

Orientation toward the client
Understanding and evaluation of the clients’ needs, correctly and within the shortest possible time.

Work methodologies
Creation and implementation of specific methodologies, created to catch with exactness and to offer the optimum solutions for your needs. The creation and application of those methodologies differentiated us with respect to the rest of the companies that offered similar services, placing us as marketplace leaders.

The constant development of the territory covered by our services, so that we are exactly where you need our expertise.

RAM MULTI INVEST first of all promotes the professionalism and conformation of the highest norms of ethics, those being base values in its development. Our purpose is to sustain the development of our partners and to assure the best representation of the applicants and of the temporary employees we are collaborating with.

Both objectives above mentioned involve a behaviour first of all ethically, based on:
– understanding- equally positive and empathic- of the human beings and of the organisations we are working for;
– correct framing of the specific situations in the economic, cultural and psycho- social context,
– resolute conformation of some severe ethic, discipline and professional deontology norms,

RAM MULTI INVEST believes in equal chances of professional affirmation and in the support of the individual professional development based on arriving the individual potential.

RAM MULTI INVEST works with human resources, for human resources. Therefore, we believe that each human being is unique by an unrepeatable reunion of a complex assembly of qualities, wishes, feelings, needs and personal experiences. Coming from this principle, the Agency RAM MULTI INVEST offers solutions that take into consideration the individual specificities as well the social-economic ones of the space he operates in.

Beyond the effects of a globalisation apparently levelling, it persists the cultural- economic specificities, inherent to the human nature itself that always must be taken into consideration.

Even if the act of work involves distinct responsibilities, between the employee and the employee always will exist a biunique relation.

Therefore, there can’t be “good” solutions only for employees or “good” only for employers. Not even “semi- prepared” solutions for groups or categories of persons or entities.

In the vision of the Agency RAM MULTI INVEST, the optimum solutions are always those elaborated for each organisation, in its entirety and in accordance with its unique specificity.

Taking into consideration the values that stood at the foundation of our development and were constituted during the time in elements of uniqueness that helped us in consolidating an impeccable reputation on the market and a position of key services supplier, with a high degree of professionalism, we have marked out the following guiding lines for our conduct regarding the approached themes.

II. Our values

The professionalism represents one of the most essential values for RAM MULTI INVEST, this being implemented at all levels of competencies in the interior of organisation.

Regarding the work with clients, the collaborators and the business environment, RAM MULTI INVEST work style grounds on availability, respect and courtesy, all those being enclosed in a relation of collaboration and professionalism.

In the compulsory norms that subscribe to the professionalism, are included: justice and equity, honesty and correctness, responsibility, transparency, personal value, equidistance, morality.

Regarding the development of new methodologies and services packages, the professionalism is a central ethic value. RAM MULTI INVEST asserts the development of packages at high standard services, able to lead to the integrated and contextual understanding, to creation of premises and to the assertion of a durable development, at the level of organisation, but also to an individual level. RAM MULTI INVEST backs up the scientific excellence, professional, managerial and administrative, collegial solidarity and competitive loyalty, recognises the professionalism of his internal and external collaborators and follow up to promote them, first of all on the base of this principle.

The professionalism represents for us the main dimension of evaluation, whether we are talking about the evaluation of our own performances, of our own employees, of the applicants we are collaborating with, of the suppliers or of other business partners.

We are promoting the professionalism in all relations of economic and social nature where we are actively involved in.

The confidentiality is one of our central points in getting and maintaining the trust. We will always take into consideration the impact of our decisions over the confidentiality of our clients, partners and our employees. For us respecting the confidentiality is not found only at the level of respecting the legislation in force, but also represents the trademark of respect and integrity we are showing and pretend to our individual and organisational collaborators.

The confidentiality manifests, at the level of the activity RAM MULTI INVEST on the following stages:
– confidentiality with the information regarding the organizations client;
– confidentiality with the information with personal character that belong to the applicants;
– confidentiality regarding the information with personal character of the employees;
– confidentiality regarding the aspects thus defined within the project we are involving in.

We also pretend to treat all information regarding RAM MULTI INVEST, that hasn’t been revealed in our professional relations to all our employees, clients, suppliers, as strictly confidential.

This value is strictly in connection with professionalism. RAM MULTI INVEST promotes professional excellence at the level of each employee and at the level of its collaborators.

We follow up and are dedicated to the permanent projection and implementation of performing methodologies, new approaches and services that surveys this component of excellence.

At individual level, the reach of professional excellence is encouraged in RAM MULTI INVEST by correct understanding of the development potential for each individual also by implementing active measures, meant to support its reaching.

The professional excellence allows us to get some performing results and their integration into an endeavour of long duration of durable development.

Integrity and transparency
Integrity defines all professional reports in their daily activity. We apply this principle, acting in all circumstances where we represent RAM MULTI INVEST, with correctness and honesty, respecting the legal stipulations and being dedicated to the values they represent us.

We apply the principles of integrity at the individual level, as follows:
– at the work place, acting responsible and implicative
– at the work place, respecting the legal norms, but also those regularised by the organisation for a good development of our activity;
– at the level of type counselling and training activities, by respecting the deontological and ethic norms;
– at the level of collective of employees by promoting values that represents us and by backing up of an organisational culture inclusive based on honesty, cohesion, collegiality and morality;
– intolerance regarding any form of corruption at the level with our own employees as well with the applicants, suppliers and any other collaborators and partners of RAM MULTI INVEST;
– promoting the loyal competition at the level of selections made within the services of RAM MULTI INVEST, as well at the level of other projects we are involved in as organisation;
– the identification and solving the potential conflicts of interests at the level of our professional activity;
– discouraging any forms of illicit or immoral development of professional activity.

The transparency is a key element that guarantees the conformation with the norms and legal, ethic and deontological values, at individual level as well at organisational level. RAM MULTI INVEST assures the transparency to its professional processes by:
– correct, constant and coherent registration and reporting of the professional parameters of activity that are differentiated on levels of activity within the organisation;
– within the work relations established by each division, all employees must respect the applicable laws, rules and the guiding of this Code, with a personal engagement of honesty, loyalty toward the company and transparency in all actions concerning the work activity, in all concluded transactions;
– the employees must take all necessary measures to assure transparency of information and of the process of taking decisions, for this purpose, the information are considered as being transparent when correctly reflects the reality;
– the opening and transparency are essential values within RAM MULTI INVEST. In certain cases, these values must be taken in balance toward the obligation in order to keep confidentiality;
– the assets and services acquisitions must be done correctly and transparently to assure the best quality and the best price into a competitive process.

Equality of chances
Among all the values of RAM MULTI INVEST, are also found the principle of equality of chances.

Equality of chances also aims the non- discrimination, as element that characterises us in our professional reports.

We actively survey and promote the equality of chances within our company, this finding with preponderance in:
– selection and recruiting of the employed personnel that we valorise and for which we actively and constantly follow the achievement of their maximum potential of professional development;
– personnel selection and recruiting for our clients. In all methodologies of selecting employees, equality of chances and non- discrimination will represent the central pillars. We follow up those elements in the recruiting procedures, in the selection procedures, in all tests and other such processes covered by the candidates, in the placement and monitor procedures of the placed staff, as well in all stages of administrating human resources;
– training programs that we implement for our clients include clear approaching elements of the theme of chances equality;
– selection of suppliers we are collaborating with. The selection criteria that we implement principally aims the level of professionalism and the capacity to answer to the technical and financial needs, assuring equal access to all suppliers at the offer procedures;
– all stages of processing of persons that interact with us in the professional capacity;
– we also back up and we actively engage in projects that have as explicit components equality of chances and non- discrimination.

Orientation toward the client
Orientation toward the client is one of the fundamental values for RAM MULTI INVEST. We have implemented this value under all aspects concerning our professional activity, even from the beginning of our company.

Orientation toward the client differentiated us in respect to our competitors from the market. RAM MULTI INVEST defined the closeness to the client as central element in all stages of positioning on the market. To this effect, we have created our own methodologies to approach the clients, to understand their needs and to touch them at the highest level of professionalism.

We have always looked out to be close to our clients’ needs, at logistic and operational level but also at the methodologies level. All our work methodologies were elaborated coming from the detailed analyse of our clients’ needs.

We also believe that every client, each organisation and each project are unique and we approach these dimensions for this purpose. Coming from those realities, we follow up the orientation toward the client in:
– correct understanding of the client’s need;
– construction and adjustment of the methodologies individually for each project;
– implementation of the methodology and monitor of the process, for the purpose of reaching those results that assure an increased degree of performance on a long term;
– creation of partnerships on long term with each of our clients.

Legal conformity
RAM MULTI INVEST fully respects the stipulations of the legislation in force, at all levels where it develops the activity.

RAM MULTI INVEST chooses its partners from its professional area, taking into consideration with priority natural persons or legal entities that respect on their turn the stipulations of the legislation in force.

Loyal competition
Loyal competition is an essential value for RAM MULTI INVEST, at the level of the relations developed with each of its clients.

Also, this value is found at the level of RAM MULTI INVEST team. We are also appreciating the loyal competition among the partners we are developing common projects.

Valorisation of the development potential
Among the employees of our company:
– we encourage each employee of our company in going after his professional development by assuring some work performing conditions, by the access to a team, and to a high level of expertise and professionalism, by intern and constant development, by participating to manifestations and the constant access to professional materials of profile, by permanent specialisation;
– we encourage and we follow up constantly the collaborations of long duration with our employees, concept essential in making- up a team with increased index of cohesion and a high degree of performance.

At the level of candidates that participate to the processes of recruitment, selection and evaluation implemented by RAM MULTI INVEST:
– all procedures of selection and methodologies are based upon the identification of a match as much possible with the candidate, from the point of view of his skills, but also of the direction of professional development and of his wishes in this purpose, and the characteristics of his job he candidates for. A good match, analysed in detail, assures the possibility to accomplish the development potential at individual level and leads to high performance in the professional area;
– all procedures of evaluation implemented by RAM MULTI INVEST have a central component- the contextual approach, approach that is centered on the pursuance of the professional development of each person, on the base of his own potential;
– durable development, environment and utilisation of resources
We follow up with priority the fundamental elements that define the durable development and we implement at all levels in our professional activity.

We back up projects that have a concrete and coherent component of durable development and we appreciate those elements also in the selection policy of partners we are developing our professional activity with.

Social responsibility
The social responsibility represents a priority for RAM MULTI INVEST.

We consider that the optimum integration into a community represents an essential element, without whom the personal and the professional development can’t be realised.

We valorise the communities we come from and where we develop our activity, first of all, by the respect we are promoting, toward those, at all level of our organisation.

Also, we back up the development of those communities by active involvement in projects that include actions based on values that we share. We consider that the active involvement in the community development we are developing our activity is a privilege and we try to be present any time we have the chance, for this purpose.

We also encourage the employees, but also our business partners to get involve in actions of social responsibility.

III. Applications

All values that are found at the base of our professional development and of the whole activity we are developing are found in the organisational environment, as follows:

At the employees’ level
– we follow up the assimilation and implementation of the values of our organisation from the moment we decide to recruit a new member of our team, by the recruitment and selection procedures.
– the employees of RAM MULTI INVEST constantly develop their activity on the base of the values above described, participating for this purpose to a series of trainings and having access to relevant materials.
– we live those values- any new colleague that is in the process of integration will take direct contact with them in his daily activity, his process of integration being directly and essentially, influenced by the degree, of adherence at those values.

Candidates that get through the recruitment processes and selection developed for our clients take note directly with our values by the methodology they are working with

The temporary employees we are administrating, as employment at the disposal of our clients take note directly and respects our values by the processes and procedures of administration, beginning with their employment till the finalisation of the projects they are working in.

One of our base principles in selecting any supplier we are working with is the identification of a value set compatible with our values.

We actively promote the long duration partnerships with all our business partners and we believe that such partnerships may ground upon common values sets.

We promote in all the reports with our clients, the values that characterize our professional activity and we rely upon the relations with the clients on those values.

We are part of a series of communities where the values that underlie our activity are, not only alleged, but also developed within some concrete activities and projects.

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